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  • Littleton Memory and Dementia Care at Aspen Hills Assisted Living on Broadway
    Littleton Memory Care Home

Residential Assisted Living & Memory Care in the Denver Area


Aspen Hills Assisted Living has 3 residential homes serving Littleton, Lakewood, and Englewood. We offer secured memory care at our Littleton location.

We believe that a home setting with an extended family environment is the best possible assisted living situation for our residents. We care for people of all ages with differing needs and abilities. In Littleton, we provide dementia care (memory care) in a beautiful secured home on an acre of property. All of our homes have comfortable, well-maintained outdoor areas for our residents to enjoy. Please contact us for more information and support.

Residents at our assisted living homes are cared for with the utmost respect and dignity.  Our RN, Iren Kaspin, regularly assesses the residents and is on call for the homes.  Physicians and other medical professionals visit the residents in the comfort of their home.  We will coordinate other medical services to come to the communities, such as foot care, dental, and nurse visits.  Treating our residents as beloved members of our extended family is the basis of our assisted living care!

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